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Transponder TQ Systems KTX2Transponder TQ Systems KTX2
Transponder TQ Systems KTX2
Transponder TQ Systems KTX2

Transponder TQ Systems KTX2

TQ Systems

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KTX2.V2 Transponder is a manufacturer's response TQ Systems for market needs, compact, mode-S, 2020 mandate (ADS-B Out) compliant transponder with low power consumption and a high-end TFT color display. The Quality has been improved it has a new Design and it is DO260 Compliant.

As a Class 1 transponder with an operating range of up to 30.000 ft. and 250 knots, it is ideal for all GA aircraft, including gliders, experimentals, ultralights and balloons, VFR and IFR. The KTX2 provides maximum possible safety, since in addition to the Squawk, the unit also transmits the flight level and a unique 24-bit identifier which is allocated to the particular aircraft. Furthermore, air traffic control is able to send requests to particular transponders. With this, the KTX2 makes a remarkable contribution toward flight safety.

The KTX2 is currently available in two versions: The standard version for installation in a 57 mm/21 "round cut out and the 160 mm/61" stack version. A housing length of only 146.2 mm for Standard format means that the transponder can even be installed quite easily in cockpits with difficult space restrictions.

57 mm model

  • Very compact dimensions-for easy and flexible installation
  • Extremely low weight of 390 g/0.86 lb
  • High-contrast, long-life TFT color display for maximum readability-even in sunlight
  • Dimensions (depth, width, height): 146.2 x 63 x 62 mm/5.75 x 2.5 x 2.4 "About 57 mm/21" cut out


  • Type Mode-S Transponder Class 1 Level 2els
  • Compliance ETSO-C112d, ETSO-C88a, ETSO-C166b/TSO-C112d, TSO-C88a, TSO-C166b (ADS-B Out) EUROCAE ED-26, EUROCAE ED-14F, EUROCAE ED-12C; EUROCAE ED-73E, EUROCAE ED-102/RTCA DO-260B, RTCA DO-181E
  • Software: RTCA DO-178C/ED-12C Level D; Hardware: RTCA DO-254/ED80 Level C;
  • Environment: RTCA DO-160G/ED-14G
  • Operating voltage: 9-33 V DC
  • Power consumption: 0.2-1.0 A (depending on the number of requests)
  • Transmission power:? 24 dBW (250 wats)
  • Transmission frequency: 1.090 ± 1 MHz
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C. .. + 55 °C/-4 °F. .. + 131 °F
  • Shock: 6 g in operation, 20 g breakage resistance
  • Standard Weight: approx. 390 g/0.86 lbs; Stack: approx. 610 g/1.4 lbs
  • Maximum operating altitude: 30.000 ft
  • Maximum speed: 250 kt/463 km/h/287 mph
  • Dimensions Standard: 146.2 x 63 x 62 mm/5.75 x 2.5 x 2.4 "; O 57 mm/21" cut out
  • Stack: 155.8 x 41 x 158.4 mm/6.13 x 1.6 x 6.2 "

Accessories-for all situations

Also available for the KTX2 are cable harnesses for WAAS GPS source connection and ADS-B In hardware (e.g. Appareo Stratus) as well as installation frames.

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