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Mental Math Handbook for PilotsMental Math Handbook for Pilots
Mental Math Handbook for Pilots
Mental Math Handbook for Pilots

Mental Math Handbook for Pilots


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The Mental Math for Pilots Manual from ASA is an excellent source of knowledge for pilots. Mathematics is an inherent part of every pilot's life, the book is a great complement to the pilots preparing for assesment at the airline. As well as for pilots who would like to get to know the techniques that allow you to make a calculator from your brain.


The product is printed on order, which means a longer period (approximately 6-14 days) of the order. 

It almost goes without saying that all pilots eventually need to perform some type of math calculation in their head while flying. Here is a book to help sharpen those mental skills and operate better in today's technological environment.

With the increased use of electronic gadgets in airplanes, the mind of the pilot is one of the most often overlooked "computers" available in the cockpit. Mental Math for Pilots helps rev up your brainpower, allowing you to quickly process complex equations while expanding mental acuity towards a wide range of practical math problems frequently used in flight. Quick recall and retention aids are provided for calculating temperature conversions, crosswind components, time-speed-distance problems, reciprocal headings, visual descent points and many, many more. Complex equations are explained in straightforward terms terms along with helpful tips, calculations and formulas to sharpen math skills and keep you ahead of the game.

Whether you are preparing for a pilot interview, gearing up for a checkride, or just looking to enhance your aviation math skills, this is a must read for every aviator and is sure to help you become a more professional and precise pilot.


  • Author: Ronald D McElroy
  • Format: 210 x 275 mm
  • Number of pages: 116

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