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Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium BandGarmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium BandGarmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium BandGarmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium BandGarmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium BandGarmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium BandGarmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band
Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band
Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band
Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band
Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band
Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band
Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band
Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band

Garmin D2™ Delta PX Aviator Pilot Watch DLC Titanium Band


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High quality GPS watch with Pulse Ox¹ on your wrist sensor, follow oxygen saturation
Aviation functions include dynamic color mapping, NEXRAD² weather, airport data, automatic flight logging, alerts, connectivity to selected avionics and more
Intelligent notifications help you maintain contact with your travel, and watch sports watch features a heart rate on your wrist, activity profiles, fitness tracking and more
easily store and play up to 500 tracks on your watch, and then connect to the audio panel or headset (sold separately) equipped with Bluetooth ® technology to listen without a phone call
Garmin Pay proximity payment solution ™ 4 allows you to make convenient payments by using the watch, so you can leave cash and cards at home
Battery performance: up to 20 days in watch mode and 18 hours in GPS + pulse heartbeat mode (depending on settings)
The family of the highest quality GPS watch Garmin D2 has been the first to introduce truly global navigation on the wrists of the future of pilots and flying enthusiasts. Now, thanks to our D2 Delta series, we have introduced this technology into completely new levels of capabilities and connectivity. Thanks to the advanced features of aviation and sports watches, these elegant new designs-available in 3 sizes-emphasize your style while helping to navigate in the day. These watches also contain useful functions, such as space for 500 tracks and our Garmin Pay rapprochable payment solution.


Thanks to a full-size (51 mm) housing with an elegant titanium-grey diamond and bracelet-style bracelet and a dome-resistant sapphire skeleton, the D2 Delta PX model is our most developed product, so far the most sophisticated aerial equipment to wear. Designed for exceptional endurance in demanding environments, it is a true GPS-based flight system, on which you can rely to provide a reliable situational reference and backup navigation in the cockpit. What's more, this is our first D2 series watch, which offers the Pulse Ox¹ wrist sensor to detect saturation of blood oxygen. Then, between flights, you can enjoy the latest functions of the sports watch-including heart rate monitoring of the Elevate ™¹, daily tracking of activations², training data and others-to keep up with personal fitness goals. For these intensive activities, each version of the D2 Delta is equipped with a soft, flexible black silicone sports band, which offers easy replacement of QuickFit ® bands without tools. Wherever you travel, smart notifications can be displayed on your watch (emails, text messages, alerts, etc.) that will help you stay in touch while you travel.


pulse ox sensor D2 Delta PX uses a beam of light on the wrist to determine the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood and to show the oxygen saturation level in the body. This level of O2 saturation depends on a number of factors, including from general health, breathing rates, and activity levels. The check with the Pulse Ox can help you realize how well the levels of oxygen in your body adjust to thinner air at higher altitudes.


Using the built-in airport database around the world, the aviator D2 Delta watch allows you to access our characteristic direct and closest routing functions, simply by pressing one of the two dedicated buttons. So you can fly straight to the selected location or the route stop-or find the nearest airport if you want to land quickly. You can also see your flight path in relation to nearby navigation, airports, junctions and other surface elements on a full-color moving clock map-or follow the HSI's course guide to the destination. Easily move and expand the moving map to quickly expand the view of the airports, route points, weather activity and VFR reference functions such as roads, cities, water reservoirs, and others. And, by setting your own route points, you can navigate to any location that is not included in the database. In fact, you can even create landmarks at the target points to easily refer to the locations you flew over, and to return to them.


To save your work even further, you can add our Wireless Flight Stream 510 (separately sold) to the cockpit avionics system so that you can use our Connext ® technology to stream information between the Garmin GPS-compatible GPS navigator and the D2 Delta watch. The synchronized GPS position data allows for even more accurate mapping of the details on the watch. In addition, using the data field display, you can stream other information-such as altitude, flight speed, outdoor air temperature, and more-to your D2 Delta in real time.

Synchronize your flight plan

In addition to the data transfer function, there is another advantage of having an optional Flight Stream 510 in your aircraft. Once connected to the D2 Delta, the Flight Stream 510 will automatically transfer flight plan changes from compatible avionics to the D2 Delta. This wireless transfer of the flight plan also works with our Garmin Pilot ™application, so that the watch will always be synchronized with the matching Garmin products. What's more, you can connect the D2 Delta over a network equipped with Wi-Fi ® technology to wirelessly update the factory-loaded databases provided with the watch. The compatible "In" ADS-B device, such as our portable GDL ® 50 receiver, will additionally enable the Garmin Pilot application to provide notifications of potential traffic targets, as well as other situational alerts, to the D2 Delta watch.


For instant weather updates, the D2 Delta cooperates wirelessly with a compatible smartphone to keep you informed. You can access meteorological reports based on location (METAR) and terminal forecast information (TAF)-including winds, visibility, precipitation, cloudy, temperature, dew point, barometric pressure and more. Quick shortcut for "keyboard shortcut"-by pressing the Direct-to and Down keys-displays the high-resolution radar graphics (NEXRAD), applied to the moving map. Thanks to this, you have easy access to the data needed to recognize weather trends and smart decision making before the flight.


With a wireless connectivity with a smartphone, the D2 Delta series can quickly perform flight registration and other documentation-related tasks. During boot time, the watch will detect a change in the height of the aircraft and will automatically start the log function-date of registration, duration, total flight time and route. Then, after the flight is completed, it will synchronize the log data in the smartphone with flyGarmin.com ® and the Garmin Pilot application for safe storage.


Configurable D2 Delta data fields provide easy access to key data-such as current GPS speed, GPS footprint, distance from navigation/aerodrome, estimated time to route, lead, slip rate, and other key flight parameters. You can set a useful height warning function to notify you when you reach or leave a height that you have selected. You can also choose a stopwatch function for the approach to measuring the time or stages of a flight. There are vibratory alerts that inform you about the descent from the course or the desired height. A configurable function of the O2-based system alert based on the baro will be vibrating to remind when additional oxygen is required. There are also various other functions of the timer with vibratory alerts that activate when it's time to change fuel tanks or perform other critical tasks.


Wherever you are-in the air or on the ground-your favorite tunes are always at hand, thanks to the D2 Delta and stored in the music space device for up to 500 tracks. It's easy to upload music from your computer and set up a list of favorites in the queue that you can play with a Bluetooth audio panel, headphones or headset (sold separately). To listen to music without advertisements in motion, you can even sync your playlists with the watch in the selected sites for streaming music.

Want to express your individuality? Customize your D2 Delta watch by using free download files from our Connect IQ ™store. Change the watch shield, add data fields, or download apps and widgets at first glance. There is also a wide selection of QuickFit straps to choose from high quality leather, metal or silicone-so you can re-configure your watch for any occasion, activity or adventure without using tools. Just swap, click, and go. In Garmin, it is up to us to make Aviator D2's watch unique.

When you are burning with a compatible smartphone, check Garmin.com/ble
² See Garmin.com/ataccuracy
³See current operated country, payment network, and issuing bank information
4 Requires a compatible Bluetooth auditory device (Bluetooth A2DP profile)
5 Battery life may vary depending on the selected performance and usage mode.

The Bluetooth word mark and logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of these marks by Garmin is licensed. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.


User Manual available here: English

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