ICOM IC-A25NE Pro VHF Range Aviation Range
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ICOM IC-A25NE Pro VHF Range Aviation Range

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ICOM IC-A25NE 8,33kHz aviation radiotelephone

the ICOM radiotelefon IC-A25NE has GPS and NAV and COM channels. With a large and legible display, this small air radio station has many features that will surely be used to work in aviation. New is also supported via the ANDROID system available in almost every smartphone/tablet or other devices with internet communication/Bluetooth. Of course in ICA-25NE, channel/step/step/etc. 8,33kHz-mandatory!

IC-A25 NE/CE Air Radiostat with map support for ANDROIDS

This feature, which is mentioned earlier, depicts your flight over the world map from RS-AERO11.

ICOM Transceiver Specification IC-A25 NE

  • Receiver bandwidth range: 108MHz-136,9MHz
  • Transmit Bandwidth Range: 118MHz-136,9MHz
  • FA-B02AR Antenna Antenna
  • Quick reversing channels (flip-flop)
  • Bluetooth built-in support
  • Memory support for 300 canals in 15 groups
  • 6W peak transmitters/1,5W continuous (carrier)
  • Harmonic audio below 10% (90% controlled)
  • The simplest keyboard control in this support for quick functions by the [ F] button
  • 7,2V power from the battery or 11V from the external source
  • Frequency stability +/-1ppm
  • Large display in manual radiotelephone: 2.3in with high brightness and readability-including "negate" function
  • 2350mAh battery pack BP-288, thanks to smart management, is enough for 10.5hours
  • IP57 tightness class
  • BP-289 AA-size battery container (normal R6 palu/battery)
  • ANL-bummer eliminator
  • Map from an android level with marked overflights and elevated radiostatic measurements
  • Power consumption 1.8A during transmission and about 500mA with positive on as GPS, etc. on Receivers
  • Audio power: 350mW
  • Working in temperature range: -20 °C to + 55 °C
  • Bar-leash on hand
  • MB-133 Clips
  • Short adaptor for conductors, for headset connection
  • A lot of optional add-ons-see brochure

Radiotelephone equipment:

  • MB-133 Clips
  • Sash on hand-short bar
  • battery container AA BP-289
  • Antenna FA-B02AR
  • Interface-separator/adapter for intercams (headset), etc. OPC-2379
  • BC-224 desktop charger and BC-123SE power supply
  • Li-ion battery BP-288

Additional optional equipment is duplicated in some cases, so you can buy some battery packs, for example.

Optional air transceiver equipment:

  • Waterproof microphone system-HM-231
  • Power supply with lighter socket (12V or 24V)
  • BC-224 Niurde Quick Loader
  • Battery container BP-289 (IP54)
  • Li-Ion Battery 2,35Ah (IP57) BP-288