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ICOM IC-A25CE Sports VHF Sports Range

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ICOM IC-A25 CE Radiotelefon aviation

Air radio IC-A25CE works with 8.33kHz and 25kHz. It has support for COM channels. It has a large display, an air bandwidth service from 118MHz and a "screen negative" function for night-time work. ICOM IC-A25CE air radiotelephone is similar to the IC-A25NE, but in the A25NE version, the functions of bluetooth and GPS are added to the radio. The appearance is also slightly different-the border around the front panel.

Several ICOM IC-A25CE air radio station information

  • Automatic search for ground stations located nearby (must be in memory before)-function also occurs at IC-A25NE
  • VOR navigational functions (also in IC-A25NE) OBS/ABSS/TO-FROM
  • GPSU receiver
  • Map on Android or iOS
  • Facilitated manual support
  • COM Channels
  • Frequency range: 118MHz-136,9MHz
  • Power per 1 8W of continuous (as carrier) and 6W at the peak of modulation
  • BP-288 battery weight: 340g
  • Power consumption up to 1.8A when granting/up to 500mA on receiver with enabled modules
  • Working in a disputed temperature range from -20 °C to + 55 °C
  • 25kHz channel and 8,33kHz-also IC-A25NE
  • 300 channels of memory in 15 groups
  • GPS
  • 2.3inch display with very bright and programmatic negative night work
  • Quick Change of Chest (flip-flop)
  • IP57 tightness class
  • ANL
  • 121,5MHz Alarm Channel-also in IC-A25NE
  • Learn more in the brochure below:

What is in the kit with ICA25CE Airport?

-CA25CE Air Radiostation

-BP-289 battery box

-lighter socket loaders: CP-20

-Antena on air bandwidth: FA-B02AR

-Klips: MB-133

-Short wrist strap