Torba AirClassics Flight Bag ASA
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Torba AirClassics Flight Bag ASA

€119.93 (tax incl.) €97.50 (tax excl.)
€97.50 (netto)
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The ASA AirClassics Flight Bag of ASA is an example of a very good price to quality. The bag made of nylon in black has a range of compartments, the possibility of self-arrangement and a large number of pockets make the bag perfectly suited to its task. In front of the front section you will find a sliding door with a slider. When you open it, there are a number of chaps and three closed pockets. On the sides of the bag there are two lockable pockets on the headset. The main part of the bag has a controlled partition thanks to which we can divide the space by. own needs. The rear part is another flip-flops covering a lot of useful compartments. The whole makes a very aesthetic and solid impression.

The equipment shown in the picture is sample and is not part of the offering.


Color: Black

External dimensions are 27.94 (height) x 27.94 (length) x 45.72 (width) cm.
ASA AirClassics Flight Bag