ASA Pilot Backpack Air Backpack
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ASA Pilot Backpack Air Backpack

€125.52 (tax incl.) €102.05 (tax excl.)
€102.05 (netto)
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The ASA Pilot Backpack from ASA is an example of a very good price to quality. The backpack made of nylon in black has a range of compartments, the possibility of self-arrangement and a large number of pockets make the backpack perfectly suited to its task. In front of the front section you will find a sliding door with a slider. When you open it, there are a number of chaps and three closed pockets. On the sides of the backpack there are two pockets, one lockable on the slider pocket on the headset and a pocket that allows quick access to the map. The front part is another flip-flops covering a lot of useful compartments. The whole makes a very aesthetic and solid impression. The bottom of the backpack has been covered with rubber thanks to which you can lay it down for moments on the tarmac and we will not pass it on.

The equipment shown in the picture is sample and is not part of the offering.


Color: Black

External dimensions are 41.91 (height) x 35.59 (length) x 24.13 (width) cm.