Design 4 Pilots-Pilot Bagpack
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Design 4 Pilots-Pilot Bagpack

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This sleek and sturdy backpack is made of durable durable nylon, is fully padded and is designed to protect even high quality products.

To prevent the bag from being dirty, small adjustable legs are on the bottom.

The front is a single compartment with a lock and a metal logo. Underneath there is a large storage compartment with neoprene and two partitions on the sides to store pens, batteries, keys, cables, etc.

Each side has a lock chamber for fuel probes, radio equipment, drinking bottles, etc. Over each of them there is a small chamber made of neoprene. On the left side there is a quick access chamber with an instant lock on your laptop and tablet.

The back is comfortably padded and equipped with a zipper with a zipper, so that no undesired access is possible while wearing a back on the back, and in addition there is a strap to the trolley.

A closed main chamber can be freely shared so that it provides a very high degree of flexibility. Inside there are 4 additional grid compartments in which you can immediately find what you are looking for.

The rear of the document will be closed. Two compartments are marked with VFR and IFR, neoprene glasses compartment, 2 pens for pens, 4 storage cards for credit cards, fuel cards, etc. And the "Invert" card for the "flight schedule status".

There is a neoprene chamber on each of the straps to store various trifles, such as money, cards, etc.

The main chamber, two side pockets for the lock, and two small neoprene pockets on the straps are equipped with a reflective zipper, which makes it easier to see in the dark.

The equipment shown in the picture is sample and is not part of the offering.