Design 4 Pilots-Daily
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Design 4 Pilots-Daily

€41.93 (tax incl.) €34.09 (tax excl.)
€34.09 (netto)
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The bag is made of high quality light nylon fiber, it is fully padded and has a removable bottom. The main chamber can be divided in different ways depending on the needs.

Small brackets are placed on the bottom of the bag to prevent the bag from being dirty.

In front, the outer-facing pocket for a two-way instant lock allows quick access and the second large card slot, travel map, flight plan, etc.

Inside the bag has multiple compartments, a pen holder and a battery pack are included in the set.

In the back there are two external pockets, one on GPS, radio, flashlight, maps, etc., and one is extensible to headsets.

There is an outer pocket on each top of the bag. One per tablet, and the other one contains 3 pockets from the grid, so you can quickly find all your items.

There is also a comfortable belt with a padded anti-slip part.

With the compact CROSSCOUNTRY dimensionality, it is the perfect companion for trips around the country.

The equipment shown in the picture is sample and is not part of the offering.