AirClassics Teczka™ Pilot Briefcase
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AirClassics Teczka™ Pilot Briefcase

€39.98 (tax incl.) €32.50 (tax excl.)
€32.50 (netto)
block Available for order!
The AirClassics™ Pilot Briefcase company of ASA is an example of a very good price to quality. The bag was made of nylon in black. The interior of the bag can be a single space as well as can be divided into two smaller in any proportions thanks to the mobile gearbox attached to the turnips. A laptop or tablet can be transported successfully in Torba.

The equipment shown in the picture is sample and is not part of the offering.


Color: Black

External dimensions are 27.94 (height) x 39.1 (length) x 7.62 (width) cm.