Liqui Molly Aero Center SpeedWax
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Liqui Molly Aero Center SpeedWax

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LIQUI MOLY AERO SpeedWax is a revolutionary new product for the care of the general aviation area from LIQUI MOLY.  LIQUI MOLY AERO SpeedWax: Cleans, removes insects, shiny wax and gaskets in a single operation. For example in less than 10 minutes for Cessny or Piper! It provides optimal surface quality, increasing the speed by up to two knots! It provides high gloss and protects against atmospheric conditions, even on airplanes parked on the apron facilitating the removal of AVGAS, MOGAS, JETFUEL and Smoke Oil tested on UV at the height without silicone, which is why it is also suitable for GFRP and CFRP airplanes equating fine rockers Packaging for maintenance points and marketing partners: 12 pcs. To get an exceptionally glossy effect, we recommend: Refreshing the lacquered lacquer using the LIQUI MOLY Aero Paint Restorer before using the Aero SpeedWax!  LIQUI MOLY AERO SpeedWax has been specially adapted to the needs of general aviation.  

Content: 400 ml