Liqui Molly Aero RainAway
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Liqui Molly Aero RainAway

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Specially developed by LIQUI MOLY for airplanes and helicopters.  Few planes and GA helicopters have a wiper.  After a long period of parking on the apron on the front of the cockpit, a mixture of AVGAS, MOGAS and other environmental factors is created.  This can cause problems with visibility, even when taxiing at low speed.  LIQUI MOLY AERO RainAway: Provides a clear, safe view even on the taxiway, also provides good visibility during the final approach at low speed propeller Water pushes even before quilting Eliminates deformation during flight to the sun or during night flights Provides less sediments, which facilitates removal of insects Suitable for UV-tested polycarbonate at the height Performs invaluable services, especially in the rain or when the sun is low-clear, non-irritating line of sight is a significant safety factor not only in the final approach. Packaging for maintenance points and marketing partners: 12 pcs. LIQUI MOLY AERO RainAway has been specially adapted to the needs of general aviation.  

Content: 125 ml