Liqui Molly Aero Gasket Care Center
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Liqui Molly Aero Gasket Care Center

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Specially developed by LIQUI MOLY for airplanes and helicopters.  Heavy weather conditions, high temperature differences and often significant age of the aircraft are a variety of problems: Kruche and porous rubber gaskets are conducive to penetrate the noise of water and wind.  The rubber air baffle in air cooled engines acts as a spoiler. If the air dividers are no longer tight, the engine may partially overheat and become damaged.  Rubber hoses under cover, whether oil, vacuum or hypertensive, become aging and can lead to malfunction in the event of leakage.  Rubber seal care LIQUI MOLY AERO: Provides elasticity of rubber hoses, improving the reliability of the action Suitable for silicone rubber Improves the flexibility of the door seals, ensuring a return to the silence during the flight Prevents the doors of the doors and the boot lid. It maintains soft and flexible partitions, ensuring optimum cooling of the engine, less vibration and thus less cracks in the shields prolonges the life and reliability of the operation and provides elasticity of rubber elements has been specially adapted to the needs of general aviation. 

Content: 500 ml