Liqui Molly Aero De-Ice Boots Care
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Liqui Molly Aero De-Ice Boots Care

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Maintains the De-Ice Bootsy Air and delays the built-up of ice. Suitable for all pneumatic De-Ice Bootses and heated propellers Delays adhesion and formation of ice on pneumatic De-Ice Bootstraps and increases the action of defrosting and provides greater flight safety Keeps the De-Ice Bootsy flexible and prolongs their life and reliability of the action to protect against atmospheric conditions, pollution and reassembly of dirt, even when the planes are parked on the apron. Long term protection against wear is new gloss and works antistatically Easy application in one operation Just a few moments ago it was simply spraying the surface of the trunk of LIQUI MOLY AERO Anti-icing treatment was specially adapted to the needs of general aviation.  

Content: 400 ml