Liqui Moly Cleaner Shaft Cleaner
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Liqui Molly Aero The Measure To Purge The Sat

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A clean windscreen is essential if the airspace is to be observed during VFR flight.  LIQUI MOLY AERO Means of cleaning the glass: Provides very effective, free from streak cleaning of the sensitive windshield of the cockpit inside and outside Eliminates irritation during the sun or during night flights Suitable for windscreens with acrylic, polycarbonate and other plastic Removes insects without scratches after a short exposure time Removes silicone deposits Removes residues of oil and soot No attacking rubber, paints or plastics tested on UV at the height of the Packaging maintenance points and marketing partners: 12 pcs.  LIQUI MOLY AERO The shaft cleaning preparation has been specially adapted to the needs of general aviation.  
Content: 300 ml