AeroShell Fluid 41 946ml
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AeroShell Fluid 41 946ml

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The AeroShell Fluid 41 is a mineral hydraulic oil in a high purity class used in modern aerosols. Especially recommended there, where its high purity class causes improved performance parameters of hydraulic litigations. It includes additives guaranteeing fluidity at low temperatures, exceptional counter-consumption, anti-tartational properties and corrosion inhibition. It can work at temperatures ranging from -54 to 90 ° C, and in pressure cites from -54 to 135 ° C. Metal deactivators, baking additives and a very high viscosity index raise the operating properties of this oil in the hydraulic systems. It is dyed in red.

NOTE: It should only be used in systems with synthetic seals; it must not be used in rubber seals with natural rubber seals.

It also applies to low-temperature industrial systems (e.g. in refrigerated, bram control) and hydraulics of passenger vehicles and trucks including Fluid 41 used in BMW.


  • Capacity: 946ml
  • MIL-PRF-5606H
  • DEF STATE 91-48 Grade Superclean
  • DCSEA 415 /A
  • NATO H-515
  • Joint Service Designation OX-15
  • Mercedes MB 342.0
  • MAN M 3325 (Hydraulic oil H-515)
  • replacement: AMG 10