Air chronometer FT-200-GaPilot
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Air chronometer FT-200-GaPilot

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GA-FT200 GAPILOT Air Chronometer

Electronic, multifunctional aviation chronometer. Equipped with a large, legible double LCD display. A device that is very useful for VFR flights.

Has a large Start/Stop button. The chronometer allows you to measure the time of each individual flight section.

The device allows you to measure three groups of time independently:

Current hour of hour with a second calculation

T1-Up or down time with a measurement accuracy of up to 1 second

T2-Up or down time with a measurement accuracy of up to 1 second

T1 and T2 times can be displayed at the same time and independently on the screen.

Additionally, each time there is a green diode indicating its dissipation, the end of the measure is signaled:

-Per minute before the end of the color change of the LED to orange LEDs

-The end of the countdown is indicated by a change in the color of the LEDs to red and the sound signal)

Chronometer has a useful function of remembering the measured times.

Signal direction indicator:

-Counting down time (from time to time) signaling a flashing down arrow and a green LED

-The up time (stopwatch) countdown is signalled by a blinking up arrow.

Chronometer is additionally equipped with a clock and a function of temperature measurement and air humidity.

The stopwatch functions for the pilot:

Multi-function clock with 12-hour display system

Two independent time-tracking groups

The ability to display the clock simultaneously and one of the time taken, or to display the two times that are counted at the same time.

Large, legible digits 17 x 8 mm

Adjustable audible signal to end countdown

A three-color LED indicator that signals the countdown of time and its end

Measurement range: Time to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds

Fitting with magnet or suspending

The device also has a function of posture (issued statins)

Memory function

Reset function

Humidity meter.

Temperature Meter

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 90 x 85 x 22mm

Display size 43 x 63mm

Weight: 91g

3V battery power (2 x AAA batteries/accumulators) in the set