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GA intercom recording cable

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Cable used for recording intercom in general aviation and ultra-light aircraft. It allows you to connect the camera and the recording of radio communication as well as conversations through the intercom in the cockpit. It provides the best sound quality thanks to the system adjusting the signal level. This prevents the camera from being redirected and damaged. The cable contains a branch into the headphones, so we don't lose the jack on the headphones on the plane.

The camera is connected to the camera with a cable length of 2 metres, allowing it to be placed even on the back of the Cessna shaft. To facilitate the routing of the camera cable, the 3,5mm Jack wall plug is used. Despite the fact that the installation on the plane is a monophone, a stereo system is used which provides the same signal on both channels. The device has been tested with GoPRO 2, 3, and 4 cameras and Canon EOS.

Works correctly with the stereo system with a stereo plug, e.g. such companies as NavComm or Bose.