ICAO VFR Poland-Poznan 1 map: 500,000 PANSA 2020 LAMINATED
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ICAO VFR Poland-Poznan 1 map: 500,000 PANSA 2020 LAMINATED

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ICAO VFR Poland map, published by PANSA, scale 1: 500,000, folded.
The latest map of Poland VFR! April 2020 update.

The aviation content covers all airspace structures from GND to FL 95.
The map shows:
- Airport Control Areas (TMA),
- airport control zones (CTR),
- airport traffic zones (ATZ),
- military airport traffic zones (MATZ),
- permanent military aviation routes (MRT)
- low-altitude military flight routes (MRTs),
- Temporary Segregated Areas (TSA),
- temporarily reserved zones (TRA),
- entry routes to zones (TFR),
- prohibited (P), restricted (R), dangerous (D) zones,
- MEF (Maximum Elevation Figure),
- points for VFR flights,
- reporting points at the FIR boundary.
- areas of sport and recreational activity, using pictograms to indicate the type of activity,
- radio navigation aids

All heights are in feet.

Cutting sheets with vertical and horizontal overlaps, without an outer frame.

The reverse of the map includes, among others:
- map legend,
- AIRMET sector maps,
- altimeter setting regions maps,
- ATC service unit list,
- MEF calculation method.
- reporting points at the FIR boundary
- waypoints for VFR flights

Laminated version.