Kneeboard CB-5 NCB050 Pooley's
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Kneeboard CB-5 NCB050 Pooley's

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The CB5 is a slim folding knee that will be used in small cockpits. It was made of high-strength ecological leather. It is a powerful version of the CB-1 curator, which, apart from the pen holder for the pen, as well as a metal bezel with a spring allowing to hold the necessary documents such as the map, the operating flight plan, or the "approach" was equipped with additional pockets and two additional transparent T-shirts on the approach. The whole complements the soft soft and comfortable lining from the composite and a flexible velcro strap, which allows you to adjust to each user. On the screen of the screen printing method, information can be sent to each of us (on the outside): flight log, (on the inside): semi-circular rules, air alphabet, mors code, transponder codes used in custom situations and the rules of mnemonic as well as the order in which the report of the position is filed.


157 (width) x 240 (height) mm

Produced in the United Kingdom