Kneeboard Flyboys FB1316
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Kneeboard Flyboys FB1316

€67.08 (tax incl.) €54.54 (tax excl.)
€54.54 (netto)
block Available for order!
The Flyboys FB1316 will be checked under all conditions. All pockets are removable and secured with the hook and the loop. You can configure FB3316 to satisfy expectations.

Function Summary

  • Passes the right-and left-hand users by removing and remounting the clipboard from one side to the other.
  • All accessories can be detached and configured again.
  • New FlyBoys logo "Blackout".
  • Flexible bar for nozzle.

Standard Functions

  • Ringers securely maintain checklists on site.
  • Transparent PVC-mounting bar securely maintains documents.
  • Case for use case with headset, charger, etc.

optional accessories

  • The foot strap-as you can see in the last photo gallery. It is kept in place thanks to the MOLLE points at the back of the base of the knees, making it ideal for maintenance or safety work that requires mobility.
  • Single-pen loop-fits most of the writing utensils and can be placed on.
  • Luxurious Pocket for
  • Secondary swirbar for quick exchange on fast.