Air headphones GA-350D Deluxe-GaPilot
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Air headphones GA-350D Deluxe-GaPilot

Air Headphones with Passive Electronics and Gel Seals

5 year warranty

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GAPILOT GA-350D Deluxe Air Headphones

GA-350D Air Headphones with Deluxe Series. This is the underlying version of the airline headphones. It is dedicated to use during the PPL training. But no doubt, thanks to its versatility, it will also work on flights after it. This model is a proposal for people looking for proven air headphones without additional electronics. During the design of this model the priority was for us to create a design guaranteeing a high comfort of use, reliability of operation and ease of operation. These are the factors that guarantee safety during the training. This effect was achieved thanks to the fitting of headphones in gel gaskets with cotton overlays, soft topsoft with an additional, patched on the turnip with a viscose of viscose and passive electronics.

Headphones are available in black or gray-green shells.

GA-350D air headphones have gel gaskets in standard. There is a silico mass in them which ensures perfect adherence around the ears. While ensuring a very good noise suppression. It is also a very good solution for the people who use the glasses during the flight.

In addition to the standard headphone equipments, there are soft, cotton material overlays. They affect the improvement of the comfort of the use of the headphones during the flight. Especially during high temperatures. And the sprinkled on top soft on the turnip made of viscose rap.

The GA-350D air headphones are equipped with passive electronics, consisting of stereo sound transmission speakers from 20 to 17000 Hz, and a microphone with noise reduction (on request, we can equip the headphones with a dynamic microphone).

Speaker inserts are adjustable for volume. Depending on the selected configuration we can perform headphones with one potentiometer, which regulates the volume at the same time for two loudspeakers or equip the headphones in two independent potentiometers for a separate volume control for each of the loudspeakers individually. The version presented in this auction is a version with a single potentiometer, making the headphone volume adjustment simpler. Headphones also have the ability to work in mono or stereo mode.

The microphone arm in the GA-350D headphones is a so-called design. goose neck. It is now the best solution to ensure, a wide range of regulations and to guarantee precise microphone matching. The shoulder attachment to the headphone shell provides a special, sturdy screw thanks to which the arm can be rotated by the angle of 320º. This solution allows you to turn the microphone with the pages and comfortably use the headphones sitting both on the right and on the left seat of the aircraft.

The airline headphone was made of chrome-plated steel. The comfortable adjustment of the buckle can be made with two red-bolted screws. This is done by twisting the screws with the fingers and then setting the stick at the optimum position and turning the screw. On top of the stick there is a new, very convenient and soft topsoft. It is one of the key elements that influence the comfort of headphones.

The airline headphones have been equipped with a 160-cm long cable-reinforced steel cable with the PJ plug-ins:

Headphone jack: PJ-055

Microphone plug-in: PJ-068

This is General Aviation standard, used in civil aircraft, e.g. Cessna 150, 152, 172, etc.

You can have a interposer that connects the headphones to the installation from:

U-174 socket used in helicopters,

XLR 5 PIN socket used in Airbus planes or

6 PIN Lemo socket used in BOSE intercomers

(See the choice of the plug-in).

We can also perform headphones with a different plug than PJ (standard General Aviation)

If you have any doubts about the plug-in, please contact us:

GA-350D aircraft headphones have a transport bag in the set. It has been designed and staged specifically for this headphone model. For its production, we used inconsable nylon material 1680D. The side walls and the bottom of the side of the sponge. The sponge is designed to increase the protection of headphones against damage during transport.

Torba has two pockets. One main for headphones and a second smaller one for other items useful in flight time. In addition, on the back of the wall there is a pocket e.g. to a map or tablet.

Kit Depot:

GA-350D Air Headphones


Cotton Overlay

We guarantee the aesthetic and solid performance of headphones using high-quality materials.

Air Headphones are covered by a 5 year warranty in door-to-door

5 years of warranty and 30 day period of testing of GAPILOT air handsets.

For the first time in Poland, the purchase of airline headphones does not involve you at any risk.

From purchase, you have 30 days to try our headphones or earphones.

If by this time you find that they do not meet your expectations you will be able to exchange them for another model or return, and we will give your money back.

The decision is yours.

The only condition is to return the headphones in the intact state.


30-day testing period and the 5-year warranty on the airline will be GAPILOT in the top of the aviation industry's top global companies.