Headset H20-10S David Clark
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Headset H20-10S David Clark

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€418.18 (netto)
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The model H20-10S is David Clark's stereo earbud to provide hopeless connectivity through the use of modern technology, and comfort thanks to the high quality of composite materials. It is a newly defined design in combination with ultra light composite materials. Adding to this elegant look we get a really attractive and proven product for an unguessed price, used all over the world by both civilian as well as military pilots.


Stereo Headphones with High-strength Composite

ZLink PJ-055/J-068

High Density Gel-out Ear-Sticks For Better Passive Attenuation

passive attenuating -23dB

high quality, pure and natural sound

Microphone M-7Areducating ambient noise, enabling clean and clear transmission

flexible, easy-to-use, left-hand and right-hand side

high quality cable for long life

5 Year Warranty

Produced in USA

Standard FAA TSO Approved C57 Cat. B

Standard C58a Exceeds RTCA/DO-214

Weight (without cord assembly): 19 oz.