Headset  Pilot P51C Cadet Pooley's
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Headset Pilot P51C Cadet Pooley's

€139.78 (tax incl.) €113.64 (tax excl.)
€113.64 (netto)
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The P51C Cadet is a headset for the youngest, a great ratio of price to quality and youth design that refers to the Mustang P51C. The finishing elements selected for the greatest comfort and durability. As a result of these treatments, light, compact headphones with an unprecedented use of this class of equipment have been developed. We recommend them especially to children who spend long hours in the air, making unique headphones equipped with an additional audio input which will allow the youngest to listen to music from the Audio player or from a portable console to games. Due to the importance and large scope of regulations, it can be used for long years. The P51C Cadet pilot can be used with either mono or stereo intercoms, giving the opportunity to a high level of noise attenuation.

You will receive the original Pooley's poster with the headphones.


  • manufacturer code: EHD307
  • ability to work in both Mono and Stereo mode
  • Audio Input: Yes
  • Individual adjustable volume knob
  • Mustang 51C
    Mustang headphone shell
  • Dual volume controls
  • Covered 3 times with a chrome-plated
  • Shockproof integrated circuit
  • PJ-055/J-068 plugs
    plugs coated connector
  • Wired in parallel for reliability
  • Noise Reduction -22db
  • warranty: 5 years