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Garmin G3X Touch - GDU 465, 10.6"...

Garmin G3X Touch - GDU 465, 10.6" Display with SXM Receiver




The GDU 460 and GDU 465 displays are state-of-the-art 10.6” diagonal, high performance, infrared touch screen displays designed from the ground up to be the highest quality, best performing, and easiest to use displays in the industry.

The GDU 465 display includes a built-in SiriusXM weather and radio receiver (just add external antenna), similar to the present GDU 375 display. Both the GDU 460 (without SXM receiver) and the GDU 465 come standard with a rear mounted BNC connector to support composite video input capability.

The Garmin VIRB action camera or other compatible video cameras can be connected and the video image can be viewed in a PFD inset window, on a split screen panel, or on the full width of a dedicated MFD.

While we are proud of the user interface on the GDU 370/375 displays, we knew we wanted to significantly change the user interface and optimize for a touch screen, while retaining support for dedicated knobs and buttons where it made sense and where it improves efficiency for the user. For example, in the above image the left dual concentric knobs are dedicated to changing Heading and Altitude even though there is full touch screen support to touch those fields and use the touch screen keypad to edit. Similarly, the Direct To and NRST buttons were retained for user convenience.

While capacitive touch is an excellent user interface for touch screens, we chose a multi-touch (with pinch zoom) infrared touch screen design for a couple of reasons. First, the infrared touch screen can be used even when wearing gloves, and secondly, this design requires no sensing element be incorporated into the LCD assembly which might in any way reduce image quality. Infrared IR touch screen technology is also utilized in Garmin’s GTC 570 touch screen controller which has been used for several years in G2000/3000/5000 equipped aircraft.

We used the same 50 pin connector on the back of the GDU 46X displays that is used on the GDU 37X displays. You can actually unplug a GDU 37X display, plug in a GDU 46X display, turn on the power, configure the display, and it will begin operating with the existing G3X system ADAHRS, engine interface, autopilot servos, and other components.

The GDU 46X displays are also equipped with a wireless interface that we are using to control the Garmin VIRB action camera to start and stop the video and take pictures. You can install a VIRB camera inside your aircraft pointing to the side at your wingman, see the image on your G3X Touch display, and start/stop video recording and take pictures using the video touch control panel on the GDU 46X.

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