Calculator CX-3 Flight Computer ASA
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Calculator CX-3 Flight Computer ASA

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A newly defined aerosus electronic calculator.

The most versatile and easy to use electronic air computer. It allows fast, accurate flight planning and any necessary calculations. Constructed with the latest microprocessors and displays, the CX-3 is undoubtedly the most useful air calculator on the market.

Using the CX-3 to plan a flight, we eliminate the nuisance resulting from the use of mechanical calculators. Fast, versatile and easy to use, the CX-3 provides fast and effective results. Regardless of whether it is used for flight planning, in the process of training or knowledge testing, the organization of the menu reflects the order in which the flight is usually planned and executed. This results in a natural flow from one function to the other with a minimum number of keystrokes.

The CX-3 Calculator allows you to calculate multiple aeronautic functions, including time, speed, distance, course, wind, fuel, altitude, cloud base, standard atmosphere, climb and descent, mass and ballance, as well as the full functions of the holding calculator. We will also find functions such as calculator, timer, timer, or stopwatch. The CX-3 also has different settings for lighting, backlight, motifs, scrolling velocity, time zones and more. The

Elegant look, ergonomic fit and finish CX-3 make the transport easier. The protective cover slides out of the front and latches on the back of the computer. The anti-slip bar prevents the CX-3 from sliding on the smooth surface of the desk. The Theme feature allows you to conveniently switch the standard view to a night view or a daily view. The highlight function controls the brightness or intensity of the screen, and the highlighting of the buttons on the keyboard will be adjusted to the working conditions. The Favorites feature provides quick access to the most commonly used function and stores the plane's profile.


The 4 AAA batteries are complete.