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Passive Headsets

Our passive noise-attenuating fixed wing headsets provide extremely reliable performance and communication clarity.

No matter what type of aircraft you fly, there's a David Clark passive or Electronic Noise Cancelling headset to meet your needs and enhance your flying experience.

And all of our headsets are backed by a five-year warranty and the most extraordinary customer service in the industry… enjoy your flight.

Model H10-13.4

Classic Comfort and Reliable Performance

The H10-13.4 is one of the best selling headsets in the aviation industry. Proven, reliable performance and remarkable comfort have made the H10-13.4 the top choice for thousands of pilots.

  • Expanded, super-soft, double foam head pad 
  • Larger, yet lighter, undercut, Comfort Gel, ear seals
  • Universal flex boom for perfect microphone placement
  • Exclusive M-7A, the most advanced noise-cancelling microphone available 
  • Low-profile volume control knob with detent settings
  • Molded cord assembly made to exceptional pull and flex standards
  • 5-Year Warranty, Made in USA
  • FAA TSO Approved C-57b, C58a
  • Exceeds RTCA/DO-214 Standards
  • Weight (without cord assembly): 16.5 oz.
  • Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB

Available in five different configurations:

  • H10-13.4 (NSN 5965-01-446-1530) - The standard mono model with a five foot straight cord and dual plugs for fixed wing aircraft. DC Part Number - 40411G-01
  • H10-13 S (NSN 5965-01-447-6273) - A stereo version of the H10-13.4, with a 5 foot straight cord and dual plugs. (Inline Stereo/Mono switch). DC Part Number - 40422G-01
  • H10-13 H (NSN 5965-01-446-1533) - The H10-13.4 for helicopter pilots. This model has a 5-foot extended coil cord and a single plug. DC Part Number - 40411G-02
  • H10-13 Y - A model for younger pilots. This small version of the H10-13.4 is upgradeable to the full sized version when needed. DC Part Number - 40411G-04
  • H10-13 N (NSN 5935-99-946-6652) - Terminated with NATO-Type plug. DC Part Number - 40411G-12

Model DC PRO-2

Rest-On-Ear, Lightweight, Passive Communication Headset

The DC PRO-2 passive headset incorporates outstanding comfort features in a supra-aural, rest-on-ear design. This lightweight, yet extremely durable communication headset is designed for low-noise jet aircraft.

Note: As with any passive headset featuring a supra-aural design, the DC PRO-2 is not recommended for fixed wing, piston engine aircraft. The DC PRO-2 was designed for use in the commercial/transport jet aircraft market.

  • Extremely light, yet rugged alloy headband and suspension
  • Dual volume controls provide independent listening levels in each ear
  • Adjustable suspension assembly for personalized fit
  • Low profile, Outlast® fabric head pad with vented design absorbs excess heat to keep you cool
  • and eliminates 'hot spots' 
  • Ultra-soft, Dura-Stitched, leatherette ear seals with supra-aural (rest on ear) design provide personalized fit and eliminate
  • heat buildup for greater comfort
  • Swivel hinge stirrups for secure, comfortable fit
  • High performance, electret microphone for enhanced noise cancelling
  • Full flex boom for precise microphone placement
  • 5-ft. straight cord with dual plugs
  • Collapsible design for compact storage in David Clark branded headset bag (included)
  • Five-year warranty, Made in USA
  • Weight (without cord assembly) 8oz.
  • FAA TSO-C139a Approved
  • DC Part Number, 43106G-01
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