EASA ATPL Principles of Flight manual
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EASA ATPL Principles of Flight manual

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The latest development of textbooks for the ATPL linear license. Principles Of Flight is one of the 15 EASA ATPL Series manuals set of textbooks for ATPL. Richly illustrated, written in an accessible language, is a compendium of knowledge for each pilot applying for a linear license. It is worth noting the innovative solution, which uses QR Codes, after which the student on his phone or tablet acquires access to animations illustrating the subject matter described.


The product is printed on order, which means a longer period (approximately 6-14 days) of the order. 

  • The subject aerodynamics deals with the basics of subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics, as well as the forces and moments away in flight. Profiles and shape of the primary and secondary flight control surface will be explained and two and three-dimensional flow around the wings will be examined. Furthermore, the emergence and importance of air lift and drag forces are introduced and measures to increase or destruct buoyancy in certain flight situations are presented. Always up to date, printed on demand and using QR codes to provide animated graphics, this book presents this knowledge step-by-step.

    ISBN# 978-0-88487-609-0