EASA ATPL Communications Manual
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EASA ATPL Communications Manual

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The latest development of textbooks for the ATPL linear license. Communication (Communication) is one of the 15 EASA ATPL Series manuals set of textbooks for ATPL. Richly illustrated, written in an accessible language, is a compendium of knowledge for each pilot applying for a linear license. It is worth noting the innovative solution, which uses QR Codes, after which the student on his phone or tablet acquires access to animations illustrating the subject matter described.


The product is printed on order, which means a longer period (approximately 6-14 days) of the order. 

Jeppesen have now separated the communications manual from the air law manual to provide a lower cost and more focused training aid for the ATPL subject if communications.

This New 2015 Jeppesen ATPL EASA Communications Manual will help demystify some of the terminology you'll encounter in essential pilot communication.

Radio communication is often a dreaded subject area for some pilots. This volume takes the student from the basic principles of VHF and HF communication to its application in the VFR and IFR environment.

The learning objectives for the EASA ATPL (A) Communications examination cover all aspects of radio telephony phraseology in the aerodrome, approach, area, and radar control environment. The distress and emergency procedures as well as the procedures to follow in the event of a communications failure are also covered.