An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane
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An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane

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In the Aviator's field guide for buying a plane, author Jason Blair shares his knowledge and experience with the purchase of his own aircraft, and helps numerous customers to find, assess and purchase the relevant aircraft for their needs. The long-standing experience of Blair in the industry as the owner of the aircraft, the active pilot, the instructor and the pilot examiner appointed by the FAA provided him with specific expertise and knowledge, which he shares with the beginners of the aircraft owners in this book.

You will learn how to assess whether the ownership of the aircraft is suitable for your situation, determine the full cost of ownership and operation of the aircraft, choose the appropriate brand and model for your needs, take into account factors such as avionics and the age of the aircraft, evaluate the aircraft before you buy, negotiate the sale, find financing and insurance, complete the formalities and safely take the new plane home. By focusing on realistic and practical considerations, Blair aims to help you pass through the process of purchasing an airplane so that you can discover and enjoy the many benefits of having a plane.