Train Like You Fly: Guide to Scenario-Based Training
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Train Like You Fly: Guide to Scenario-Based Training

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Scenario-based training (SBT) uses a real experience script to achieve flight training objectives. Scenarios are powerful training tools precisely because the future is unpredictable. The Train Like You Fly explores the key ingredients necessary to create a good pilot and shares practical techniques to bring it all into the cockpit. Using the scenarios, both students and expert-pilots will develop, practice and practice their judgents and decision-making skills.

These guidelines and guidance will help air instructors extend their services to go far beyond the FAA Airman certification standards and practice standards of testing, and will help students train as they fly to fly as they train. In this book, the instructors will gain insight into creating scenarios and learn:

Teach Systematic Risk Reduction

Enable aviation decision-taking (ADM) and develop critical thinking skills for your students

Apply Effective Scoring and Rating

Help the new CFI to reap the benefits of the most effective habits of experienced instructors

Implement scenarios based on scenarios in their current teaching methods

The extraordinary flight instructor and owner/operator of the Arlynn McMahon aviation school has helped more than 1,000 students and CFI fulfill their dreams of flying since 1984. It is recognized in the country, a professional aviation educator and a leader in this field.