Artful Flying
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Artful Flying

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Flying is something more than a safe flight by plane from point A to point B, more than having a plane to rise up in the air and bringing it back to the ground without destroying anything, or shooting a perfect approach or landing at the side of the wind. There are many deeper levels of engagement in flying, beyond.

The athletes, sculptors, painters, musicians, poets-and even some pilots-have uncovered a similar, deeper level of engagement, simply perceiving their effort as an ingenious process. Whether they create their masterpiece on canvas, on a compact disc, or in the cockpit, this ingenious process requires time, awareness, practice and patience.

The author of Michael Maya Charles aptly calls it a quest for a possible "Artful Flying". Artful Flying will open the door to a better way of approaching the hours in the cockpit, to a new dimension-a richly award-winning world that promises to make your flying safer, more difficult and more satisfying.