Sunset to Sunrise: Night Flight Techniques
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Sunset to Sunrise: Night Flight Techniques

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A night flight is one of the most pleasant forms of a flight. Every city looks good at night. The shining lights, the stars, the moon and the reflections come together, creating a spectacle of which many dreams. However, the night flight requires a different technique, perspective and factors than daily operations. The aircraft must be flown in relation to the onboard instruments, and the external visual references take on a new meaning, at the same time ensuring different illusions. A night flight can be a test for even the most experienced pilot.

David Robson, a veteran, prepares readers for exceptional deliberations related to night-time operations, providing information and practical techniques for:

    • Attacking instruments
    • Weather
    • Human Factors, including night vision, fatigue, hypoxia, and more
    • Night operations regulations
    • Preparing for an initial inspection
    • Aircraft and aerodrome lighting
    • Route planning, pilot navigation, and dead people count
    • Starty and landing
    • Emergency Situations

Readers will walk out of knowledge, skills, and confidence to fully enjoy the night flying.