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Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy, VFR Edition

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Exercise sounds like an experienced pilot! Talking on the radio can be intimidating and stressful. Easy radio communication in aviation will help you to learn the effective and efficient speaking on the radio during flights. Take this communication resource with you on the next flight, which will be used as a help in memorizing, training tool and self-confidence building to develop communication skills. Soon your delivery will be fit and professional, and you will fully understand what the ATC says/asks.

Templates allow you to build a communication script for each flight, regardless of the complexity or the number of communications required. Fill most of the empty templates during the initial inspection, tear them off and take them to the cockpit. Tailored to the knees, they act as a memo saying to reduce the load on the flight and eliminate guessing when, to which and to whom you should speak.

There are multiple copies of each template, along with instructions, communication advice, and practical examples. Each of the 32 templates (4 copies of each template) corresponds to another type of radio communication that may be needed during a VFR flight. Take the templates you need to fly with you and create a "communication set" that you will use on your flight.

This book is particularly effective for pilots-students, ground schools, English-speaking pilots, flight instructors and pilots passing into new airspace.