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Lessons from the Logbook

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Pilot techniques on a variety of topics in this collection of stories from the log of an experienced flight instructor.

Ron Fowler precisely states: "our flight skills either improve, or slowly erode, but rarely remains unchanged." Speaking from the pilot to the pilot, the author starts where the pilot's initial training ends. The lessons from Logbook are a collection of stories that started as articles written for the Plane & Pilot magazine, and previously were published by the Aviation Book Company.

The book is organized to reflect all phases of the flight: preliminary flight, departure, route and arrival, and ends with a chapter on recurrent training. It provides piloting techniques on a variety of topics such as night flying; what to do when you get stuck above or below the cloud deck; how to deal with emergency situations during flight; assess the actual performance of the take-off; follow the path to perfect flying; and much more.

Ron Fowler is an ideal flight instructor-experienced, patient, and fun, with excellent communication skills. Although readers may never have a chance to fly with him, his delicate tips will stick with them: first, when they read the pages that share the author's knowledge, they will be recalled again when they have a similar experience. The lessons from Logbook will inspire readers to improve flying skills, and more importantly, they motivate them to rise up to the sky.