You Can Fly!
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You Can Fly!

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For those who have always dreamed of flying, but they didn't know what and how to start-now they can make this long-awaited first step with some tips. You can fly! authors Greg Brown and Laurel Lippert write to those who are wondering about aviation training, especially to answer the most frequently asked questions on the subject, while also encouraging more people to explore general aviation.

The authors in a pleasant way, along with the wonderful photos of Tom Lippert, reveal a mute audience romance and adventure related to flying, focusing on many of the joys and benefits of the flight, omitting the boring "FAA" " found in other books to learn flying. You can fly! it has detailed sidebars throughout the book, which will intricate novice pilots with questions of type "What should I expect during the first flight?" and "How do you read the altimeter?" All these questions are explained succinctly, complemented with easy to understand and colourful illustrations. With illustrations from front to back and beautiful photographs worthy of a dear book on coffee tables, You Can Fly! is an ideal addition to the school library, FBO or a collection for aviation enthusiasts. It's really the only one of its kind, fun, exciting and instructive book about flying for future pilots.

With the myths of the flight instructions and explaining the truth, you can fly! includes:

    • Laking learning prerequisites
    • How to select an instructor and an air school
    • How to Start Flight Training
    • How best to use any flight/earth lesson
    • Exploring flights and aircraft
    • What you can do when you are a pilot
    • Response to Frequently asked questions about aviation training
    • Intriguating and instructive side bars throughout the book

What is stopping you? Pin to our friendly cockpit, grab controls and launch. You can fly!

Beautiful colorful photos and illustrations throughout the text.