Test Pilot: 1,001 Things You Thought You Knew About Aviation
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Test Pilot: 1,001 Things You Thought You Knew About Aviation

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When it comes to selecting questions for the material of the "Test Pilot" column, Barry Schiff assures: " ... If the answer is not surprising, educational or entertaining, I don't want her ... " Schiff is constantly looking for aviation knowledge-and the flight instructor in it wants to share it.

The book, divided into eight chapters, presents amusing facts on the following topics: history, pilotage, navigation, weather, aircraft, airlines, and military, flight facts, procedures, and regulations.

With multiple choice questions, true/false, empty fields, stirring and match, and essay, the reader is asked to get a response before finding it at the end of the chapter.

A true aviation lover, the author teaches new information, explains the often misunderstood points and provides a rich knowledge of the aviation industry. Illustrated in all the unique and funny pictures from Barry Schiff's own collection. Foreword by Thomas B. Haines.

Pilots are accustomed to exams-this is the acquisition and maintenance of all certificates of pilots. But this collection of often asked questions makes the fun back asking themselves questions, encouraging to broaden the knowledge base and misdemeanors gained during the student days of the pilot students. Some of the Schiffa questions are about pure entertainment. Some take you to the airport:

" P: The pilot is rocking a narrow way of taxiing at an uncontrolled airport on a helpless day, when he notes another 172 coming from the opposite direction. Without stopping, how can both pilots be sure that their wing ends don't touch each other as they pass each other?

Some questions are provided with tips from a professional; other materials will trigger lively discussions about flying in a hangar.