Making Perfect Takeoffs & Landings in Light Airplanes
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Making Perfect Takeoffs & Landings in Light Airplanes

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This is the newly combined edition of Ron Fowler Making Perfect Takeoffs and Making Perfect Landings, which previously were published separately.

Many pilots give up imperfect take-offs and landings just because they don't realize that even the professionals have to work in each of these critical phases of flight. "Making perfect take-offs and landings in light airplanes" shows pilots how to develop complete awareness of the situation, the plane and itself-and turn this awareness into perfect take-offs and landings. The detailed, but easy to complete steps provide the pilots with the knowledge needed to go beyond the reactions that have been taught to memory and develop excellent flying skills. An easy, conversational approach by the author to teach speaks to all pilots who like the personal challenge of striving for perfection.

Each chapter specifies a specific take-off or landing situation and a set of characteristics that are specific to it. Fowler presents the methods-and logic of these methods-which allow the pilot to master the techniques in the range of normal take-offs and landings, side winds, operations on short and soft fields, night procedures, critical landing situations, slips, rear wheel operations and more. The tips and techniques provided here are useful for a typical private pilot, but the book addresses the needs of a lone student pilot, a thousand-hour pilot and a flight instructor.