Understanding Flying
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Understanding Flying

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Richard Taylor does not speak to unprofessional pilots-he speaks directly on them. If you really want to find your flying flaws, in this book you will find answers to your problems. Hardcover, 329 pages, indexed.

Healthy sense, practical approach to the basics of flying. All you need to know is to safely operate the plane.

A true understanding of flight rules and flying operations in the way it is performed today-this book discusses these important basics that relate to the practical issues in the cockpit. How well you use an airplane depends largely on your knowledge of what is happening and from understanding the rights of aerodynamics. This book will help you avoid guessing and will allow you to get to know real professional skills and posture. Novice pilots can assimilate a new knowledge, and experienced airmen can gain insight to improve their proficiency. Understanding flying will give each pilot something practical and will provide dozens of minor points for maximum performance for the airmen with high deadlines:

    • -like years, affecting performance, charging, and drive systems.
    • Flying with plane-take-off and landing, aerial instruments, weather, navigation, and flying when you don't see outside.
    • Airspace-all about airfields and flight rules.
    • Pilots-Certification and Ongoing, Psychological Factors and Emergency Situations.

As a pilot you can never know everything. But you can consistently work on weak areas and rely on what you already know. This is the goal of understanding flying-to help you better understand the important facts about flying so that you can become a better, safer and more secure pilot.