A Pilot's Accident Review
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A Pilot's Accident Review

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We often learn best by analyzing other errors. To this end, author John Lowery provides an in-depth analysis of significant aviation accidents to illustrate the potential risks during each phase of the flight and the psychology behind the pilot error. The lowers also show how the chain of errors-often coming from the pilot's support team-can turn into deadly accidents. Understanding these factors is the key to training to become a safer, more effective pilot-in-command.

The pilot accident overview provides the pilots with a study of security procedures in intensive circumstances and a high-profile incident investigation to raise awareness of the factors that can be avoided in the case of pilot error. The main causes of the CFIT are covered, as well as human factors that can speed up accidents-in particular complacency, excessive confidence and muse. The lowers detail the incidents of JFK, Jr. and Concorde, as well as those involving the mother of Frank Sinatra, the band Reby McIntire, John Denver and Wiley Post.

John Lowery performed solo at the age of 16 in Piper J-3 Cub at Auburn Airport-Opelika (AUO). After 24 years spent in aviation, he lived and flew all over the world, working as an aerospace instructor and DPE, he gained ATP ratings and lectured at universities and air bases across the country. Now he retired in California, he remains active as an air writer.