Takeoffs and Landings
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Takeoffs and Landings

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The Starty and landing of Leightona Collins-the key manoeuvres and everything between providing the professional, proven in-flight techniques that the pilots need in these critical phases of flight, in each case of arrival and departure, VFR and IFR, single and double, equipping three-wheel and tailgagger. Coming back to print, this lively aviation classic talks about the realities of flying to the airport and about the departure of the airport, about the practical issues of safe and skilful takeoff and landing every time.

Collins's classic text is full of analysis and insight into every start and landing-not just why this is happening, but how to manipulate the factors in order to get the desired results. Trimming, sense of control, flickering, correcting imperfections, characteristics of the plane design, atmospheric conditions, pilot skills or its lack, airport construction, flight trends-all this is here, with a focus on avoiding the drag/spinning and the inseparable risk of flight low and slow. Readers will find five different ways of landing, three ways of landing at the side of the wind, a perfect description of a light twin at a single engine start, and a relationship with a perfect flight and a good landing from a start to a stop.

In addition to the more than half-century personal experience, Collins shares the guidance and secrets from the observation of airline pilots during their routine check flights, reading military manuals, participating in producer training programs and interviews with aviation think tanks: Bob Buck, Fred Weick, Howard Piper, William Lear, etc. Preface of the book by Wolfgang Langevich, author of Stick and Rudder. Collins ' son, author of aviation Richard L. Collins, writes a note opening the new print, and new photos taken in its entirety by Tom Lippert.

Leighton Collins is reflected in this book: practical, handsome, realistic and authoritative. Leighton for the first time solo in 1929 in a bi-reclad with an open cockpit. He founded the Air Facts magazine, which he redacted and spent almost alone for 35 years, a magazine widely recognized as a pioneering force in improving aviation safety record. Although he wrote a chapter to Stick and Rudder, Langewiesche's classic Air Manual, Takeoffs and Landings was the first book in Mr Collins ' long written career.