Beyond Flight Training
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Beyond Flight Training

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The acquisition of a private pilot's license is a great achievement-now broadening his initial education to go further than flight training. The real excitement starts when the flight instructor goes hand in hand, and you remain able to set your own goals and create your own motivations.

Veteran pilot and instructor LeRoy Cook shows what lies outside of the air school. On these pages you will guide you to the areas of aviation that the instructors may not have mentioned. Such things as planning the first holiday flights in the field ... or improving the skills of weather forecasting ... or gaining advanced recommendations and ratings.

Trening Beyond Flight will show you how:

    • Expand as remote control, out of control
    • Buy your first aircraft
    • Test new or rebuilt aircraft
    • Organize or join the flying club
    • Support unknown airfields and airspace that you do not see in the training
    • Ask for family and passengers for the first time
    • Handle changing times of the year and the marginal weather
    • Upgrade to specialized flying, such as high-performance, rear wheel drive and aerobatic powered aircraft
    • Prepare for advanced pilot certificates

In a printed version for more than 30 years, the fourth edition of Beyond Flight training (previously published as 101 things to do with a private license) includes new ways to improve skills and provide satisfaction with each hour of flight. Perfect gift for students-pilots or graduates of flight instruction programs!