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Visualized Flight Maneuvers Handbook-Low Wing

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This fourth edition of the Visualization Manual of air manoeuvres for dolnchards is an excellent educational and didactic assistance for instructors and students, covering all the flight manoeuvres required to obtain a private, sporting, commercial and flight instructor certificate. Each manoeuver is described in detail depending on the type of aircraft on which the lesson will take place, determines the purpose of the task and lists the required FAA certification standards. Fully illustrated paginated pages that show the completion of each manoeuvre on a one-page schedule, so that the reader absorbs all the visual/text information at once.

Compact and easy to move, with a spiral that makes it easy to access the pages that are being distributed. The illustrated schedules show every maneuver step by step so that the pilots understand what they should look for outside the cockpit window. It contains a complete description of the drains, slips and reference manoeuvres to the ground, as well as short, soft and lateral takeoffs and landings. There are also suggested checklists for everything from initial inspection to take-offs and landings, performance and control, and an easy-to-use index so pilots can quickly appeal to any desired task.