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Mountain, Canyon, and Backcountry Flying

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For more than a century, pilots are intrigued by the flight challenges of the highest mountains and the deepest canyons on every continent. Flying in the mountains, canyon and on the province allows pilots to descend from the stranded path and enjoy the atmosphere outdoors. It opens a completely new world of recreation, including airplane camping, hiking, fishing and staying in guest houses or forest camps in areas without roads or easy access by land or water.

Flying in these tempting environments often requires an operation on a relatively inaccessible terrain in a difficult and sometimes unforgivable environment. This requires a proper way of thinking, discipline and procedures to operate efficiently and safely. Operating over the mountains, navigating through the canyons, take-off and landing on unimproved runways at high altitudes in limited areas and maximizing the airplane performance requires specialist skills. The authors and invited guests share information and guidance collected from over 150 years and 100,000 hours of common experience as professional mountain pilots and national and flight instructors.

The recreational pilots for flying instructors in the mountains recognize this book as useful, and college professors and the university can use the text to complete the instruction in the classroom. Basic concepts include the preparation and conduct of mountain and canyon flights, aerodrome operations, situational awareness, aircraft performance, risk management and emergency operations. Analysis of accident scenarios, relations with the authors ' own experiences and the contribution of experienced pilots and backcountry instructors extend the material specified in the text. Each chapter contains exercises that will help the reader understand and apply the information to their own flying, and the beautiful colorful illustrations will inspire pilots to search for those inspiring places.