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Aircraftplugs ® 3 poles-28VDC external female plug-in to power aircraft and helicopters. According to the standards ISO 461 and Mil-C-7974 3 PINS NATO AN2551. Produced in Belgium.


3 PIN NATO connector AN2551 standard plug made of strong polycarbonate.

The registered plug-in. Standard red color, available in various colours to order.

The sleeves are rebelted. With electromagnet mandrel.

Corrosion-resistant construction. Polycarbonate plug-ins are stronger and resistant to higher temperature, voltage and intensity.

Works with the external power outlet AN2552-3A.

Performance and Dimensions according to ISO 461 (BS4G173: 1985) and appropriate MOD (air).

Weight 0.7 kg.

Available cable sets according to customer requirements.

With polycarbonate, hardness 13800 psi, max. Recommended cable for AWG "0" (53 mm2).

Recommended cable 25 mm2 or 2 AWG.  The glass transition temperature of approximately 147 ° C (297 ° F), tensile strength 55-75 MPa

Mean change of resistance after 100 dry cycles: < 2 µ Ω.

A maximum of 1600 A, based on the resistance, is less than 0.1 volt per pin.

Resistance to abrasion-ASTM D1044 10-15 mg/1000 cycles.

2,9 dielectric constant at 1 MHz.

-Third terminal target-

AN2551 The 3-pin grounding connector is valid. The purpose of the 3-pin grounding connector on the plane? Why is the third pin shorter than the other two pin and is positive or negative?

This is a technical information.

The smallest pin is limited to 100 W. There are two larger pins that move the currents current and one shorter.

Allows you to connect the device, power the power connection, and then power on when the connector is inserted. It also allows the power to be unmounted before the connector is removed by the larger power pins.

Shorter, smaller positive pin does a few things:

Removes ignition sources, such as sparks when connected or disconnected from the socket.

The connection is performed before the power supply is delivered.

Increases the reliability of connectors.

The connectors are not energized at all times. (electrovalve can control energy management).

You can install a limited power switch or a pen division.

Provides protection against polarization.

Terminology is sometimes referred to as "hot-swapped" because power is disconnected during the removal process. During this process, the sparks are not flown, and the connectors are not damaged.

Typically, the three-pin power connectors on an aircraft use two circuits to prevent the arc from unloading when the pins are connected to the slots.

Two larger pins provide power and mass for the main high-voltage circuit. A shorter third bolec is powered by a low-intensity circuit that feeds the solenoid to close a high-intensity circuit after the longer pines are first partially inserted into their nests. A low-intensity circuit uses the universal grounding of an aircraft's electrical systems and therefore needs only one contact to power. All three pines are reproduced to avoid arc discharge.

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