Air interposer with PJ on the ZS-GaPilot
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Air interposer with PJ on the ZS-GaPilot

Airborne headphone adapter

from PJ (General Aviation) to ZS-M

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€27.10 (netto)
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Airborne headphone adapter with PJ on ZS-M

An PJ-ZS flight interposer, which allows you to connect air headphones with PJ (PJ055 and PJ068) connectors to an installation with a ZS (29ZS14) socket.

The PJ plug is a standard for example. In the Cessna airplane and in airborne headphones, for example. our company.

The PJ-ZS adapter enables the connection of classic PJ-terminated headphones to installations equipped with a ZS-type connector that was commonly used in aircraft manufacturers (e.g. Wilga, Zlin).

The guarantee for the interposer is 3 years.