Air interposer with PJ at U174-GaPilot
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Air interposer with PJ at U174-GaPilot

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Air adapter for PJ (GA) in Lemo 6 PIN (BOSE)

GA-PJB air headphone adapter for adoption of air headphones with PJ plugs on an aircraft with a Lemo 6 PIN slot. Move from the PJ to the Lemo 6 pin.

An air adapter that allows you to connect the headphones that are terminated by PJ-068 (microphone) and PJ-055 (headphones) to the Lemo 6 PIN slot.

Airline for headphones consists of two PJ sockets and a Lemo 6 PIN connector

The Lemo 6 PIN connector has a lock that prevents you from accidentally removing the pin from the socket.

The guarantee for an air interposer is 3 years.

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