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Cockpit ProceduresCockpit Procedures
Cockpit Procedures
Cockpit Procedures

Cockpit Procedures


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Poradnik "how to" in the cabin during each phase of the flight!

Written by an experienced instructor and pilots examiner of the cockpit procedure provide a solid understanding of the basic principles and detailed descriptions of the checklists and procedures used in many of the flight schools. Readers will find that it contains a practical definition of aviation skills and includes what good habits develop, effective workload management, and even what you should have in the bag. The cockpit procedures pertain to activities and thinking in the cockpit, giving readers the justification for common procedures, which are standard practice in a training environment and in airlines.

Both aeroplanes and helicopters are included, providing essential aspects of effective training-technical knowledge, practical application and learning of the context. Cockpit procedures are directed to the pilot only starting a career, but many of the philosophies taught here and the practical techniques are so fundamental and powerful that they will lead the pilot until retirement. Encouraging the structure and discipline of the procedures, the author not only checks the list of dry facts-Procedures in the cockpit are also pleasing to read, and Chris Burger maintains the focus of readers thanks to the living description and the talent for doing basic things in such a way that they stay with you.

Maximum utilization of dashboard routines

Pilots-students can read a book repeatedly to strengthen the routine, whose instructors try to teach them. The arrival prepared is the best way to obtain maximum benefits from the expensive flight instructions.

Certified pilots can learn how to become more methodical, reducing the chances of omitting important tips when something goes wrong. They can also become more adaptable, making it easier to move on to other, more complex aircraft.

Flight instructors can successfully use this book to improve the performance of their students in the cockpit, and to unify operations at the flight school to improve the cooperation of instructors.

Virtual airmen can learn to fly with maximum realism using the actual procedures used in the cockpits of real aircraft and helicopters.

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